This is the un-official offsite for Pixel Vets old school RuneScape clan. [BETA]


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    Post by Pixel Vets on Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:27 am

    Make sure you post an introduction to the offsite after applying! If you already haven't done so you can do it here.

    NOTE: You will not receive your in-game rank for the clan until you have completed the application process.

    After posting your introduction and application, you'll find that your application will remain open for a certain amount of time and during this time we'll expect the following things from you:

    Remain active

    If you aren't ready to commit, think twice before joining.

    Integrate yourself

    Don't be a stranger. Be involved in our activities.

    Once your application is reviewed by clan administrators and moderators, it will become locked and we will inform you of the application status.

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