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    Treasure Trail Expansion

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    Treasure Trail Expansion

    Post by Pixel Vets on Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:18 am

    July 06, 2016

    Master tier clues;
    If you consider yourself to be a champion of clue scrolls in Old School, the master tier is for you.

    You can get your hands on this elusive clue scroll in one of two ways: as a reward from other clue scrolls or by handing one of each tier clue scroll over to Watson found on Zeah.

    NOTE: The existing tiers of clue scrolls have received a substantial expansion as a part of today's update. We've added a plethora of new clues and rewards, alongside a couple of new types of challenges to complete!
    Of course, with so many new challenges to overcome we have massively expanded the possible rewards available from clue scrolls.

    Master tier clues aren't the only ones getting new rewards, with all of the lower tier clues getting many new additions to the drop tables. You can expect to see trimmed steel, gold aprons, and a whole host of other interesting new gear!

    In other news, Lucky implings can now be found roaming around Gielinor. These implings can be caught by players with level 89 Hunter, or level 99 Hunter when being caught bare-handed.

    Upon being caught, lucky implings give you one roll on the clue scroll drop table.

    To read more about these updates please click here.

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