This is the un-official offsite for Pixel Vets old school RuneScape clan. [BETA]

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    Un-official offsite started

    Post by Pixel Vets on Mon Jul 11, 2016 1:49 pm

    This offsite is in BETA meaning it is still under construction. If you would like to leave feedback or concerns about the site please do so in the feedback section of the forums. Being that the site is still under construction I am going to leave some of our clan recruitment thread up for a basic understanding of what our clan is about.

    Pixel vets is a newly formed clan looking to recruit veteran players, those who have a passion for oldschool runescape and have been playing for several years. We all remember what it felt like to achieve our goals back in '07 from completing Monkey Madness to getting that first level 99. Now that old school is back and we can all play and enjoy the game we grew up to love, I'll let you know that the Clan Chat(cc) feature was released on 6 August, 2007, 4 days before the backup from which Old School RuneScape is based. Fortunately, it is is still a part of the game today which allows players to join together easily and chat from different worlds. With that being said, this is mostly a social clan however PvM and PvP events (as well as other clan-events) will be hosted. Plenty of help is given as well if you have any questions regarding the game or even outside of runescape. A forums/offsite will also be made for the clan once we have an active community.
    Current members: 15
    Birth of clan: 7/09/16
    Homeworld: 313


    You will be warned if you are breaking the rules. Failure to comply results in a temporary kick from the clan. If it continues further you will be permanently removed.

    The rules of the clan are as follows:

    1. Swearing IS allowed. There is a profanity filter for a reason and this is a mature clan which means we can handle the swearing. However, if it is directed towards another player in a negative manner that is against the rules. Racism is NOT allowed.

    2. Once the offsite is finished it will be a requirement to have an active account. If not your rank will be taken away.

    3. Absolutely NO luring/scamming any members of the clan.

    4. Must attend clan events on a regular basis.

    5. Be mature and follow ALL in-game rules.

    Pretty simple, right?


    Our unique in-game ranking system is based off of Total level/xp and activity in the clan. This encourages players to make those xp gains and work their way up the ladder.
    The first 4 ranks (Smiley-Sergeant) are given based off Total level/xp. The last 3 ranks (Lieutenant-General) will be given based off activity in the clan, attitude, overall education and experience about the game and more. If you are a Lieutenant rank or above consider yourself a clan moderator. These are the only ranks that can kick other rude players/trolls. You've been with us for a while and enjoy helping out the community. Lieutenant+ ranks will be given by the clan administrators. The ranking system is as follows:

    Smile- 1000+ total level OR 5m+ xp
    Recruit- 1500+ total level OR 25m+ xp
    Corporal- 50m+ xp
    Sergeant- 100m+ xp
    Lieutenant- Reserved
    Captain- Reserved
    General- Reserved

    To view more please use Quick find code: 320-321-411-65811841 on the RuneScape forums.

    We look forward to having you! Smile

    Regards, Pixel Vets

    Owner of Pixel Vets.
    Quick find code: 320-321-411-65811841

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